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We are specialists in a wide range of data-related services, helping you to deliver your required solutions using the latest industry approaches. We are not just technologists; we understand how to make projects work for you across the whole project lifecycle. By using a highly automated approach to development with Agility at its core, we achieve best of breed solutions without the uncomfortable price tag. Leverage your data with our data consulting services and capability in Analytics and Business Intelligence solutions.

Cloud Data Integration

Using either PaaS offerings that provide scale out on-demand or rapidly provisioned IaaS resources, we harness the various readily available cloud data services to overcome your integration challenges.

Data Warehousing

Centralised EDW or departmental data marts, Inmon, Kimball or Data Vault. However you serve your relational BI needs, our consultants are well positioned to discover, architect, model and deliver your evolving requirements.


Whatever your data story, we can help you tell it. We work with you in planning, developing and delivering your analytical architecture so that your visualisations and their data do the talking.

Big Data

However many of Big Data's Vs you are struggling with, scalable NoSQL technologies are no longer the domain of massive budget only operations. Derive further insight from a wider range of data sources, streaming, batch and everything in-between.

Cloud Data Migration

We help you leverage the latest cloud technology the cloud-native way. Focus on delivering business value, vastly reduce implementation time and reduce the amount of Ops required by your solution. Learn to use the cloud the way it was intended.

Data Science

We won't pretend to know your data like you do. We will however help you to know it better. We can assist with all stages of your journey, whether architecting a Data Science initiative, provisioning infrastructure or analysing the patterns hidden within your data trove.

Interested in our Data Services?

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Our Products

In addition to the advisory services we provide at Pivotal BI, we offer a number of data analytics products that are aimed at providing our clients with a specific type of engagement. These small packages can be customised to suit your specific needs, budget and timescales as required. They include a variety of offerings relating to data analytics and business intelligence, from technical implementations to project services.

DataVision Cloud Data Project Discovery

DataVision – From £3750

This cloud data project discovery starting at 5 days duration will provide requirements, in-depth analysis, design and planning essential for those considering a greenfield data analytics initiative or replatforming an existing system.

DataGuide Cloud Data Analytics Introduction

DataGuide – Free

This free 1 day introductory engagement will give your organisation an overview of the cloud data analytics products and services offered and how they can be used to greatly enhance your data estate.

DataDebut Cloud Analytics Proof of Concept

DataDebut – From £3750

This cloud analytics proof of concept engagement starting at 5 days duration will focus on any aspect of your data estate, helping you build on your understandings of cloud concepts and offerings.

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