Cloud Data Analytics Introduction

Get up to speed quickly with understanding the benefits of cloud data analytics for your organisation.


Would you benefit from a brief consultation on cloud analytics? This free 1 day introductory engagement will give your organisation an overview of the cloud data analytics products and services offered and how they can be used to greatly enhance your data estate. Intended for solution architects, project and program managers and key stakeholders, the assessment will assist with:

  • Providing clarity on Azure data analytics product selection
  • Identifying potential business value from adopting a modern data analytics platform
  • Early costing considerations for initial budgetary conversations

Product Brochure

Considering cloud data analytics?

With the increase in data analytics capabilities offered by cloud providers, it can prove daunting to try and understand what may be of benefit to your organisation. You may not even be sure you have a business case, or if you do it may be proving difficult to progress beyond this. Getting the initial high level view around how modern data analytics can enhance your business and how much it can cost can prove allusive.

How can we help?

We will conduct a high level requirements gathering and envisioning exercise based around your current and prospective future data analytics platform, aimed at communicating what you need to know and how to go about it. The format is a relatively freeform engagement to suit your needs, with documented recommendations and guidance around how you can rapidly improve your data capabilities through the use of the cloud.

What does the assessment provide?

Cloud Advisory: An overview of the various cloud services of interest to you.

Capacity Analysis: Understanding of the data, compute and network requirements for current and future solutions.

Architectural Definition: A high level design outlining the various components that would be used to compose your future technical data architecture.

Cost Estimates: High level Azure costings based on basic capacity analysis and workloads.

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