Data Analytics Products

In addition to the advisory services we provide at Pivotal BI, we offer a number of data analytics products that are aimed at providing our clients with a specific type of engagement. These small packages can be customised to suit your specific needs, budget and timescales as required. They include a variety of offerings relating to data analytics and business intelligence, from technical implementations to project services.

data analytics products

Would you benefit from a brief consultation on cloud analytics? This free 1 day introductory engagement will give your organisation an overview of the cloud data analytics products and services offered and how they can be used to greatly enhance your data estate. Intended for solution architects, project and program managers and key stakeholders.
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data analytics products

From £3750
Do you need a quick solution for demonstration purposes or to confirm a specific use case? This cloud analytics proof of concept engagement starting at 5 days duration will focus on any aspect of your data estate, helping you build on your understandings of cloud concepts and offerings.
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data analytics products

From £3750
Are you considering a greenfield data analytics initiative or the replatforming of an existing system? This cloud data project discovery starting at 5 days duration will provide requirements, in-depth analysis, design and planning.
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Product Comparison



From £3750

From £3750
1 day
5+ days
5+ days
Data estate
Single system
Data estate
Cloud Advisory
Overview of cloud data services
Business and IT Requirements
Determine how current data architecture can be shaped and enhanced using cloud data services. 
Existing Architecture Overview
Determine existing architectures
Existing Solution
Solution Assessment
Analysis of applications, integrations, operations, dependencies, processes and security of existing systems
Data Quality Assessment
Source data quality profiling and suitability appraisal
Capacity Analysis
Data, compute and network transfer sizing estimates
Architecture Definition
Technical description of the proposed solution
Cloud Analytics Roadmap
Envisioning the future use of the cloud for data analytics
Resourcing Plan
Team structure, skillsets and work estimates
Implementation Plan
Draft product backlog with sprint and release plans
Data Migration Plan
Initial plan for data transfer to new hosting environment
Service Continuity Plan
System switchover planning and related activities
Cloud Consumption Cost Estimates
Breakdown of hosting costs for services and infrastructure
Resourcing Cost Estimates
External resource costs
Proof of Concept
POC for use with familiar data, deployed to a managed environment
Determine value of POC deliverables
Outline next steps for further progress

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Why work with us?

We work closely with you to determine exactly what your current and future needs are and how we can help in the most cost-effective manner.
Our broad and deep understanding of data analytics allows us to offer a flexible and informed service.
Our client relationships are open, honest and equal. We believe this is the real key to successful engagements.