Working with Us

At Pivotal BI we have a common goal on all our engagements and that is to realise the right solution for your business. We believe that working with you from the start is central to achieving this.

A typical data analytics project engagement with us consists of the following phases:

  • We work closely with you to qualify the overarching high-level requirements and build a vision that defines the success of the project.

  • By examining your existing data estate and discussing associated business processes, we help you to identify the gaps between the existing estate and the envisioned end goals. Working with you we agree a set of initial requirements.

  • Taking into account all known requirements, together we create a design sufficient to proceed safely to the delivery phase. This ensures all necessary aspects are considered but avoids excessive detail that may be subject to change.

  • Using Agile delivery methods we work with your teams to develop and deploy the features in an iterative fashion, typically over two-week cycles or ‘sprints’. Each sprint addresses new features which are validated and delivered during the sprint, providing new value to the business from each cycle. By immersing ourselves with your delivery teams your people have the opportunity to upskill as part of the delivery.

  • We help you to transition the solution to your Operations teams, providing technical support and handover on all aspects of the delivery.

  • Once the users have warmed to the new solution, new requirements tend to emerge as the potential business benefits become clearer. Together we bring new feature requests into scope for delivery to further expand the analytical capabilities available.

Through a true co-working engagement we are able to ensure that your staff understand the solution, the decisions made along the way and how best to carry it forward. We trust you will enjoy working together with us to help realise your next data analytics success.

Why work with us?

We work closely with you to determine exactly what your current and future needs are and how we can help in the most cost-effective manner.
Our broad and deep understanding of data analytics allows us to offer a flexible and informed service.
Our client relationships are open, honest and equal. We believe this is the real key to successful engagements.