Data Warehousing

Take advantage of accurate, business friendly data that’s optimised for reporting and analytics by transforming data from disparate sources across your enterprise into a modern data warehouse.


There has been a lot of discussion of late around the need for a data warehouse, given all the noise around data lakes. Can’t you just report straight off a curated data lake? You can of course, but whether this is sufficient really does depend on your requirements. Modern cloud-native data warehouses serve as a key element for high performance analytical platforms based on proven relational modelling paradigms.

With modern data warehousing your business can rapidly:

  • Define a single source of truth for your enterprise data
  • Improve data quality
  • Improve data governance
  • Gain valuable insight across vast amounts of historical data
  • Relieve pressure on your source systems by removing ad hoc querying and reporting demands
  • Streamline access and improve performance for downstream reporting and analytics

How we can help

At Pivotal BI we specialise in deploying the following symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) and massively parallel processing (MPP) cloud data warehousing platforms:

Microsoft Azure


Synapse Analytics

Hive LLAP on HDInsight

SQL Database

We offer full project life cycle services from requirements through to implementation for all your data warehouse needs. We will build your warehouse to whatever design is most suitable, be it Inmon, Kimball or Data Vault, we have the understanding required to make it a success. With our Data Integration services managing the data, we’ll help ensure your Data Warehouse becomes the hub for your relational data analytics. And for those who need to combine unstructured or semi-structured data at scale into your program, our Big Data services can make that happen too.

Interested in our Data Services?

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