Cloud Data Migration

The move from on-premises to cloud-hosted data platforms provide your organisation with huge potential. The scalability, functionality and sheer analytical power on offer from a cloud-native data analytics solution will move your data management and business insight capabilities to the next level. With the migration of your on-premises data estate to the cloud your organisation can benefit from:

  • Reduced complexity and improved scalability, availability and performance from cloud-native technologies
  • Faster insights and lower costs from rapid deployments and elasticity
  • The latest data platforms maintained for you in a robust, secure environment

Starting the journey

At Pivotal BI we specialise in migrating on-premises data analytics platforms to the cloud. Our advisors will help design, plan, implement and support the migration of those elements of your on-premises data estate that will benefit from a cloud-hosted approach, whether it’s a ‘lift-and-shift’ or replatforming for cloud native technology.