Cloud Data Integration

Deliver trusted data from a myriad of sources, both on-premises and in the cloud, empowering your business with valuable information securely and as needed. Cloud-hosted Integration Platform as a Service (IPaaS) offerings provide scalable solutions for defining and coordinating massive data processing workloads. With hybrid cloud data integration services your organisation can benefit from:

  • Automated data workflows
  • Cloud native solutions which scale elastically
  • Seamless and secure data movement between on-premises and the cloud
  • Scheduling and monitoring of data movement and management to meet the increasing demands of your business

Getting Going with Cloud Data Integration

At Pivotal BI we specialise in deploying the following data pipeline orchestration and transformation technologies:

Microsoft Azure

Data Factory

Oozie on HDInsight

SQL Server Integration Services

We offer full project life cycle services from requirements through to implementation for all your cloud data integration needs. Coupled with our Data Warehouse, Analytics and Big Data services your Cloud Data Integration project will soon be part of a solution ingesting and serving data to create real value to the business.