Big Data

More and more data is being collected daily as a result of cheaper storage and continuous innovation around connected devices. Due to the scale and complexity of this data, processing it using traditional database systems simply isn’t feasible, henceforth, the introduction of big data platforms to meet these demands.

One you’ve waded through all the hype and boiled it down, a big data platform can be summed up as typically providing some or all of the following:

  • The storing and processing of data too large for traditional databases
  • The storing and processing of unstructured data
  • The streaming and processing of data in motion
  • Machine learning and predictive analytics at scale
  • The ability to scale-out with minimal disruption to service

For those who truly do have ‘big’ data, the technology can be a real game changer, enabling analytics that provides new competitive advantage and insights. With cloud offerings making the realisation of these platforms truly within grasp of those operations without seven figure budgets, the stage is set for many businesses to benefit from the real value of their data.

How we can help

At Pivotal BI we specialise in deploying the following big data technologies to ingest and process large amounts of data, either at rest or in motion, with additional capabilities for machine learning and predictive analytics:

Microsoft Azure


Data Lake Store


SQL Data Warehouse

Stream Analytics

Together with our Data Integration and Data Warehousing services, our advisors can assist with all aspect of your big data journey, from architecture to implementation. We look forward to hearing from you.