Development on Databricks

ByNigel Meakins

Development on Databricks

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Today we’re launching a new series of posts here on Pivotal BI, this time around the subject of development on the amazing unified analytics platform that is databricks.

We’ll be focussing particularly on the practical aspects of ways of working, technical deep dives and the often unexplored elements that make the difference between short term ‘fly-by’ implementations and those more grounded longer term initiatives.

Right, without further ado we’ll dive in with the first post, looking at the differences between using notebooks and IDEs for development.

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Having worked for many years in the world of data and analytics, I enjoy following new innovations and understanding how best to apply them within business. I have a broad technical skill set and an acute awareness of how to make Agile work on data projects. Working at all levels and in a variety of roles on projects, I help our clients understand how the latest technology can be applied to realise greater value from their data.

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